Yesvember 2020

Welcome to Yesvember! This is the month we all come together to show our support and encourage everyone to turn November into Yesvember by saying YES! to a #AHOMEFOREVERYCHILD

The origins of Yesvember grew from National Adoption Awareness Week in Australia in 2008. In recent years we have expanded the week to the whole month of November, so that we can raise awareness and focus on permanency and stability for children in homes, and the stories of those who were unable to live with their family of origin, and the journey they have experienced.

This Yesvember, our campaign is one the whole community can get involved in.

Everyone can do something this month to create an Australia that works toward every child having access to a safe, nurturing and stable home.  

Here is a list of 8 ideas to choose from:

  1. Support our Yesvember campaign by purchasing campaign-wear and sharing on social media. You can purchase the Aje A Home for Every Child t-shirt and our #THRIVE cap
  2. Ask us about becoming a foster carer or adoptive parent. We need all kinds of carers, including part time carers for one weekend per month.
  3. Donate to support our work towards every child having a safe, nurturing and stable home, school and community environment.  
  4. Knit a blanket to include in our first night foster care backpacks, to show kids someone cares. 
  5. Provide an internship at your organisation for a care leaver. Get in touch with us to find out more. 
  6. Join our mailing list and social media so that you can stay across updates and share important messages. 
  7. Volunteer your time and skills to our Changemakers team. From social media support to design, events assistance, database entry, packing MyPacks… there is so much to do!
  8. Donate items to support care leavers. 18 year olds still need support too! Computers, vouchers, new supplies….. Get in touch to find out what items are needed. 

Email us at for information and to get in touch!