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You can become a Changemaker (volunteer) and provide your time and skills in a variety of ways, from research, social media, writing, to assisting at events. If your company allows volunteer hours for you and your team, there are larger projects you can assist us with as we all work towards positive change for children and young people.


    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Adopt Change and joining our team of Changemakers. We’d love to hear a little about you and how you’d like to be involved.
  • Thank you so much for your time and we’ll be in touch very soon. If you have any further queries, please email us at

Join us as we turn November into #YESVEMBER and say YES! to #aHomeForEveryChild

For 2021, in light of the year we’ve all had, we’ve created a list of 5 things you can do to support us in our work towards providing safe, nurturing and stable homes for all children. Pick one, select a couple, or do them all!

  1. Wear & Share our message on social media. Purchase your ‘Home’ cap or hat, designed by Nicole Warne Shadbolt,and participate in our Instagram ‘Reel Dance Challenge’ or raise awareness by posting a pic with the message and hashtags #aHomeForEveryChild #Home #Yesvember #AdoptChange
  2. Open your home and your heart – find out more about becominga carer. We need short-term, long-term, part-time and permanent family homes. Find out more on our website
  3. Donate to support our work. All donations are tax deductible and underpin our work towards more safe and nurturing homes for kids
  4. Knit a blanket for our MyPacks, for kids entering a new home via foster care for their first night
  5. Volunteer your time with our Changemaker team

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