Adopt Change exists to ensure all children have access to a safe, nurturing and permanent family home and that families are well supported.



  • Providing supports and resources

    Providing supports and resources to the community including information and guidance on providing a permanent home for children through adoption or other forms of permanency; trauma- informed supports for families (including adoptive and foster families); community events; an online forum; and the provision of MyPack first-night backpacks for children entering the foster-care system.


    Resources and Supports   MyPack

  • Education

    Education through the facilitation of workshops, conferences and information sessions for professionals, parents and carers on topics including trauma-informed care; pre- and post-adoptive supports; and Trust-Based Relational Intervention, accessing the expertise of local and international educators, researchers and speakers.


  • Conducting research

    Conducting research to contribute to the understanding of issues for children including the importance of permanency; the impact of trauma; pre- and post-adoptive supports for families and children; and topics surrounding adoption and permanency within Australia.


  • Advocacy

    Advocacy for child-centred legislative and policy reform at a State and Federal level to ensure every child has access to a permanent, stable and loving family and that trauma-informed supports are provided (in particular pre- and post-adoptive supports).


  • Raising awareness

    Raising awareness within the community and through media of the risks faced by children who have experienced trauma and the necessity for children to have access to permanency and supports for positive life outcomes. Our campaigns to raise awareness have included the #aHomeForEveryChild campaign.


  • Yesvember – National Adoption & Permanency Awareness Month

    Run Yesvember – National Adoption & Permanency Awareness Month each November, to say “yes” to #aHomeForEveryChild and raise awareness with politicians, community, departments, sector and media to focus on key issues surrounding permanency and adoption.


  • Collaboration

    Collaboration with the sector, politicians, policy makers and departments on the various issues surrounding permanency, adoption and child welfare through the provision of consultancy and advisory services and input.