Grow Learn Play Thrive 2019

November is known for National Adoption Awareness Month (NAAM) and National Permanency Month. We ask you to turn it into YESVEMBER by saying YES to #AHOMEFOREVERYCHILD

Join us on our mission to support families and communities in caring for displaced children.

Share our vision for a world where all children can grow, learn, play and thrive in safe, nurturing and stable homes, schools and communities.

  • Grab your GLPT shirt
  • Post a selfie wearing your shirt to social media
  • Post a brief clip of yourself explaining why its important to you for kids to be able to GROW, LEARN, PLAY & THRIVE! 
  • Don’t forget to wear your shirt, and be creative as we love to see your personality shine through! Don’t forget to include the hashtags #adoptchange #ahomeforeverychild #yesvember #thrive so we can find you!

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