Yesvember 2021

National Adoption and Permanency Awareness Month raises awareness about family, children needing homes, the importance of permanency and the vital need to support families to help children thrive (especially those kids who have had a hard start to life).

Stemming from ‘National Adoption Awareness Week’, which commenced in 2008 with Adopt Change Founder Deborra-lee Furness, the focus of the month is on ensuring permanent safe homes for all children, especially the 46,000 children and young people living in the out of home care system in Australia.

This year we are asking you to support us by turning November into ‘Yesvember’ and saying ‘yes’ to #aHomeForEveryChild.

For 2021, in light of the year we’ve all had, we’ve created a list of 5 things you can do to support us in our work towards providing safe, nurturing and stable homes for all children. Pick one, select a couple, or do them all!

  1. Wear & Share our message on social media. Purchase your ‘Home’ cap or hat, designed by Nicole Warne Shadbolt,and participate in our Instagram ‘Reel Dance Challenge’ or raise awareness by posting a pic with the message and hashtags #aHomeForEveryChild #Home #Yesvember #AdoptChange
  2. Open your home and your heart – find out more about becominga carer. We need short-term, long-term, part-time and permanent family homes. Find out more on our website
  3. Donate to support our work. All donations are tax deductible and underpin our work towards more safe and nurturing homes for kids
  4. Knit a blanket for our MyPacks, for kids entering a new home via foster care for their first night 
  5. Volunteer your time with our Changemaker team

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We’d like to invite you to join the #Yesvember 2021 campaign by taking part in our awareness-raising via social media. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Taking a photo in your cap and sharing the text from above about how people can support
  2. Taking part in the Instagram ‘Reel Dance Challenge’.  
    Courtesy of Adopt Change Ambassador Joel de Carteret, we have a fun dance for everyone to join in and share across Instagram and Facebook. You can be a part of the call to action, raising awareness of our mission to support and educate families and communities in caring for at-risk children and young people, and working towards #aHomeForEveryChild.

Please see below a video demonstration of Joel for inspiration, as well as an easier version to make learning a few steps and sharing. Just film yourself wherever you feel comfortable.

The song on Insta reels to use (pick any 10 secs or so) is ’Hex Ark Patrol

And don’t forget to wear your #Home hat!

Once happy with your video or photo, you can post to social media tagging @adoptchangeau, along with the following message:

This year, more than ever, home is so important. Right now, there are 46,000 kids in Australia who need safety, nurture and permanency so they can thrive. To find out the five things you can do to help, visit Join us in supporting #aHomeForEveryChild. 

#Home #Yesvember #AdoptChange #DanceforChange

Please see below a video demonstration of Joel for inspiration, as well as an easier version to make learning a few steps and sharing simple.

The Insta Dance

Tutorial for the Insta Dance

Inspiration & challenge version