#THRIVE2023 A Home and Healing for Every Child

#THRIVE2023 A Home and Healing for Every Child
13th – 14th November

This year, our national conference returns in person!

#THRIVE2023 A Home and Healing for Every Child will be held in Sydney, NSW on 13th & 14th November!

THRIVE Conference has been delivered nationally since 2017, to call on government from each jurisdiction and federally to report on their commitment  made in 2016 to prioritise permanency for children in care.

With stability as an important factor in a child’s security and sense of belonging, there is more needed to ensure children can grow, learn, play and thrive. This is why there has also been a focus on trauma informed care. This year, the conference will focus on ‘A Home and Healing for Every Child’.

In addition to home based care options, we will also be looking at inclusive access to education, therapeutic care and topics surrounding mental health.

A home and healing for Australia’s children is a cross government and community issue. The conference has had bi-partisan support with strong attendance from those in government, academia, child welfare and very importantly, those with lived experience.

This two-day conference is not an information download. It is an opportunity to meet at the table with people from around the country, also invested in contributing to positive change for our children and young people.

In this post-pandemic time with the difficult economic environment, we are seeing a decline in the landscape – including the number of children not in home based care. Currently the fact that there are young children without home based care is symptomatic of a critical time in our child welfare system – and it requires collective will to bring solutions to the table.

Insights from the conference will contribute to the National Recommendations Paper which is presented to government around Australia in November.

The conference is in-person this year, with some sessions planned to stream online. Networking and interactive sessions will only be available in the on-site access to the conference. 

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