Watch: Adopt Change talks MyPack foster packs with Studio 10

A child arrived at primary school in tears, with his belongings in a garbage bag. Due to safety concerns he had been removed from his home quickly, and after school the child was going to a foster home for the night. True story. 

When your world has been turned upside down, you need to be provided with the utmost care and consideration. That’s why our CEO Renee Carter spoke on Studio 10 about the Adopt Change initiative MyPacks first night back packs for kids entering foster care. With a teddy, pjs, a hand knitted blanket and other first night essentials, we hope to work with our community to bring some comfort to our nations young ones in their time of distress. 

We also spoke about our YESVEMBER campaign – GROW LEARN PLAY THRIVE – which calls all of us as a nation to stand for better futures for our children and young people in the care system who deserve the best opportunities for their life experience.

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