NAAW 2013 wrap up – Deborra-lee Furness and NAAW achieve positive results with Government, private sector, media and community



Deborra-lee Furness and NAAW achieve positive results with Government, private sector, media and community


National Adoption Awareness Week Founder Deborra-lee FurnessDr Jane Aronson, and Dr Karyn Purvis spent the first sitting day of parliament in Canberra, speaking at the National Press Club with Louise Voigt (CEO Barnardos Australia). Deborra-lee was joined by the NAAW Board for meetings with the Federal Government and we’re pleased to report that the conversations were very positive.

Deborra-lee Furness said today, “I am completely overwhelmed by the positive response to National Adoption Awareness Week this year. It is so powerful to feel the energy from fellow child advocates and the community who have lent their support to our campaign. We are invigorated by the conversations we have had at every level this week, and can’t wait to be a part of driving real change in the near future.”

As announced earlier in the week, James Packer has generously offered to fund the research and development to produce policy to present to the Federal Government. In NSW we are already working closely with Barnardos and Minister Pru Goward to develop legislation reform at a State level. The NAAW Board also participated in a productive dinner with adoption influencers from VIC at Rosetta in Melbourne.

Dr Karyn Purvis has connected with hundreds of community members, social workers, and professionals at her lectures and is hoping to return to Australia in the future to share her knowledge and techniques with so many more Australians. Dr Jane Aronson proved invaluable at the National Press Club and at our Media Launch to share the global perspective and speak on the experience of the hundreds of millions of orphaned children in the world.

The esteemed panel of Deborra-lee Furness, Dr Jane Aronson and Dr Karyn Purvis have also spoken to hundreds of professionals at Business Chicks events in Canberra, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast with immense offerings of support and love.

Our Ambassadors play an integral role in supporting the cause, and we were delighted to spend time with local Ambassador Jack Thompson at the National Press Club, international Ambassadors Cadel & Chiara Evans and their son Robel at Dr Purvis’ lecture in Melbourne, and our first Youth Ambassador India Grant will play a major role in the future of NAAW.page1image21008page1image21168


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