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Social Good Summit at home August 2021

Watch our CEO Renee Carter spoke with Social Good Summit Australia about a world where there is #ahomeforeverychild None of us can do everything. But everyone can do something. Thanks to Phillip Marsden who drew…

Angels for orphans

Actress Deborra-lee Furness has joined forces with the celebrity "orphan doctor" to save the world's forgotten children. Australian Women's Weekly: Continue reading

Deborra-lee Furness on adoption

Deborra-Lee Furness raises two adopted children with her husband Hugh Jackman. Here, she talks about why adoption is important. I was asked to write a short piece about why I think adoption is important. I…

Why can’t we adopt?

Too many orphaned children are waiting too long to become part of Australian families, according to Deborra-lee Furness and other advocates of inter-country adoption.   Australian Women's Weekly: Download Article

Adopting change

"I am the most impatient person, I want change to happen now" says actress and campaigner Deborra-lee Furness. "My lesson in life is to have patience." If ever you wanted to cut a person slack for…

Seal’s show of support

He was adopted as a child, now music superstar Seal will perform a song to raise awareness of adoption issues at one of his Sydney shows next week.   Sun Herald: Download Article