A Home for Every Child 2017

Join the #aHomeForEveryChild campaign

Every child deserves to live in a safe, permanent and loving family home. In 2017 year, as part of our tenth National Adoption Awareness Week, Adopt Change launched an awareness raising campaign for our community to show their support for children having access to permanency, safety and belonging. The #aHomeForEveryChild campaign received a high level of support and participation from our community, politicians and celebrities, with some of our community still proudly wearing their shirts. Photos of participants can be seen at our campaign page.

The t-shirts are no longer available to purchase online, however, we have some t-shirts left to purchase at community events to support Adopt Change. Participants posted a photo to social wearing their t-shirt using the hashtag #aHomeForEveryChild. Let’s show our government and community that there are many of us who would offer a home, or support those who will, and call for the removal of unnecessary barriers to stability.