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MyPack first-night backpacks

MyPack is an Adopt Change service to provide first-night packs for children entering the foster care system, who sometimes enter care with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing. The backpacks include first night items such as a soft toy, hand-knitted blanket, pyjamas, underwear, toothbrush and toothpaste, water bottle, colouring book/pad and a pencil case with textas.

In the coming months you'll hear more from us about our MyPack initiative. In the meantime, if you'd like to support Adopt Change to continue with our work please go to Donations page. All financial support is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to hearing from those in our community who are handy with knitting to assist with adding a touch of handmade to the packs.  

You can contact us about the packs at enquiries@adoptchange.org.au to donate knitted blankets, or for enquiries relating to provision of packs for your department / agency.