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Adopt Change works towards vulnerable children in our society being able to grow up in a safe, nurturing and permanent family home. We also provide a voice for them and for those who dedicate so much of their life to supporting their children and are met with many challenges.

Adopt Change advocates for child-centred legislative policy and reform at Federal and State levels. Legislative and systemic reform is one of the key avenues for creating a system that meets the needs of vulnerable children. We promote this reform and highlight the risks faced by vulnerable children by:  

  • Meeting with politicians, policy makers, advisors and government representatives   
  • Responding to calls for advice and input from Federal and State governments 
  • Providing access to information sessions and education for child welfare professionals and the community     
  • Speaking with media on topics relating to permanency, adoption, impermanency and a child’s rights to trauma informed supports     
  • Raising awareness through campaigns
  • Conducting research to contribute to the understanding of issues for children including the importance of permanency; the impact of trauma and impermanency; and the supports necessary for a child to thrive 


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