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Victorian Adoption Network for Information and Self Help (VANISH)

Victorian Adoption Network for Information and Self Help (VANISH) is a community organisation based on the self-help model, offering a support service that aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions. Most staff members have a personal experience of separation from family of origin and so are able to empathise with service users and offer appropriate assistance and support.


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Permanent Care and Adoptive (PCA) Families

Permanent Care and Adoptive (PCA) Families is an early intervention support service which serves anyone who has a personal or professional connection with permanent care, adoption, kinship care and/or foster care.

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Lighthouse Foundation

Lighthouse Foundation supports homeless young people to take their rightful place in the community by giving them a home, a family and ongoing therapeutic care. Lighthouse is a non-denominational, independent Australian charity, based in Victoria.

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Centre for the Excellence in Child and Family Welfare Inc.

The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare is a not-for-profit peak body for nearly 100 child and family services in Victoria.
Working for vulnerable children, young people and families, the Centre provides sector training, facilitates and publishes research, advocates through campaigns and media relations, and sustains ongoing programs focusing on key areas of the State care system.

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Berry Street

Berry Street is a not-for-profit, non-government and non-church based organisation that has been supporting Victorian children and families since 1877. They work with children, young people and families with the most challenging and complex needs. These children and young people have often suffered great distress and significant harm growing up in families where violence, neglect, abuse, trauma and poverty have prevented them from having a good childhood.

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Koren Adoptive Families (KAF)

Korean Adoptive Families (KAF) Han Ho is an organisation made up of families who have children adopted from South Korea. The organisation assists these families in developing friendships in the adoption community and also within the wider Korean community. KAF Han Ho offers families opportunities to discover and incorporate aspects of Korean culture into their lives. A range of culturally based activities is conducted with the aim of increasing the children’s knowledge and awareness of their cultural heritage.

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Association of Relinquishing Mothers (ARMS)

Association of Relinquishing Mothers (ARMS) is a charitable organization founded in 1982 out of a common need to support women who have lost a child or children to adoption.

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