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Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia SA's Post Adoption Support Services (PASS) offers services to people whose lives involve adoption, through providing information, resources and a range of support services such as counselling, workshops and support groups. They support birth parents and families, people who have been adopted, and adoptive parents and families. South Australia-based, with a range of online services also available.


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South Australian Chinese Adoptiong Support Inc. (SACAS)

South Australian Chinese Adoption Support Inc. (SACAS) is a support group for families with adopted children of Chinese Heritage and those waiting to adopt a child of Chinese Heritage.


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The Curry Club

The Curry Club is a network for adoptive fathers and prospective adoptive fathers within the inter-country adoption community. Founded in South Australia in 2008 it acknowledges that becoming an adoptive father is a big decision and that it is one that is truly life changing. The Curry Club was established as a mechanism for men to gain knowledge and support as well as to make a positive contribution to the wider community.


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World Families Australia

World Families Australia began after the war in Vietnam, when a group of people from Adelaide who had adopted children from that country decided to offer help to orphans who remained in Vietnam.



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