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My Forever Family NSW

My Forever Family recruits, supports and train carers throughout the carer and parenting journey, including guardians, adoptive parents, short term and restoration foster carers (to look after children until they can return home to birth family), long term carers and relative/kin carers.


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The Adoptive Parents Association of NSW Inc

The Adoptive Parents Association of NSW Inc (APA) is formed and run by parents who have formed their families through adoption and permanent care (local programs). The APA is committed to supporting families formed through adoption and permanent care and recognise the importance of contact with the child’s birth family.


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Australians Caring for Children

Australians Caring for Children (ACC) is a non-profit association, who aim to provide aid to orphaned and abandoned children in developing countries to assist with the care of the children and provide for medical care, nutrition and education. They run playgroup for families with children adopted from overseas or locally, and also encourage people who are considering adoption or already in the approval process to attend.


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Benevolent Society Post Adoption Support

Our Post Adoption Resource Centre (PARC) and Post Adoption Support Queensland (PASQ) provide information, counselling and support to people affected by adoption in NSW, the ACT and QLD. We work with people who have been adopted, parents, siblings and partners. We aim to provide those impacted by adoption with support and guidance.


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Continuum Consulting

We provide quality facilitation, contact, consultation, supervision, assessments, policy writing, therapeutic and training services in the continuum of care from child protection through to adoption.


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CREATE Foundation

CREATE Foundation is the national consumer body representing the voices of children and young people with an out-of-home care experience (including kinship care, foster care and residential care).

We provide programs and services to children and young people with a statutory care experience and develop policy and research to advocate for a better care system.


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Early Start

Early Start’s purpose is to help children flourish and realise their potential, particularly those from vulnerable or disadvantaged backgrounds and living in regional and remote communities. It is a revolutionary initiative that uniquely combines research, teaching and community engagement in the earliest years of life.


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NSW Committee on Adoption and Permanent Care

The NSW Committee on Adoption and Permanent Care provides a voice for all parties to adoption, including the practitioners involved in the field. The Committee is a non-profit organisation with membership comprising of government and non-government agencies, support groups and individuals interested in, involved in, or affected by adoption and permanent care or related aspects of Out of Home Care.


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ParentShop provide professional development and training that deliver effective behaviour change solutions for all ages. We guide and support professionals and parents through role play, video instruction and world-class training using the latest research in behavioural sciences.


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Prosper Project Australia

Prosper works to support disadvantaged children and families at home, at school and in the community.


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Resourcing Parents

Resourcing Parents provides parenting education information to parents and carers of children aged 0-18 years. The calendar of Parenting Education programs is current and the site is funded by the NSW government to support families.


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