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NAAW 2014

National Adoption Awareness Week 2014

9 - 15 November 2014

NAAW 2014 Webinar

80% of children who have come from hard places have difficulty creating meaningful relationships. 

In a 120 minute webinar, Dr Casey Call and Dr Amanda Howard reference video case studies to illustrate the four types of Attachment behaviour in infants, as in their award winning program Trust Based Relational Intervention. Through a role playing process, they then demonstrate how this behaviour presents in adult relationships.

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The final 30 minutes includes a series of questions delivering a wealth of insightful knowledge to guide you to:

  1. Identify early signs of disorganised behaviour 
  2. Recognise levels of escalating behaviour
  3. Respond to escalating behaviour and re-pattern the pattern
  4. Acknowledge and support siblings and friends exposed to a child’s erratic behaviour
  5. Implement choices versus consequences
  6. Teach children how to negotiate their needs
  7. Apply the 're-do' in shifting poor behaviour
  8. Sustain positive parenting as a child moves into adulthood
  9. Empower children through ‘yes’ parenting
  10. Use correcting parenting skills to teach a child to make healthy decisions
  11. Help siblings and friends process their response to a child’s erratic or aggressive behaviour 
  12. Manage a child’s anxious behaviour outside the home
  13. Investigate behaviour to understand the patterns that cause behavioural triggers
  14. Empower children to self regulate their emotional behaviour
  15. Teach children the difference between their behaviour and their personality
  16. Be a child’s advocate versus their adversary
  17. Commonly reported signs indicating a shift towards secure and healthy behaviour

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