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WA Adoption Agencies

Major Agencies

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Government of Western Australia

WA's Department for Child Protection and Family Support through its Adoption Service, is the only agency allowed to arrange adoptions. The Department is responsible for facilitating all local and inter country adoptions within Western Australia.




WA Support Organisations

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Adoption Research & Counselling Service Inc (ARCS)

Adoption Research & Counselling Service Inc. (ARCS) was founded in 1984 in response to Dr Robin Winkler's pioneering research into relinquishment and adoption. Dr. Winkler's research recognised adoption as a life long experience with unique and ongoing challenges for all parties to the adoption - birth parents, adopted people and adoptive parents. His vision for ARCS was to provide safe and specialist services whilst recognising and respecting all affected by adoption.


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Adoption Jigsaw

Adoption Jigsaw was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 1978, and provides search, mediation and counselling services to anyone involved in adoption and/or separated from family through fostering, stepfamilies or reproductive technologies.


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Adoption Support

Adoption Support for Families and Children (ASFC)is a voluntary, non-profit organisation whose membership is made up of prospective adoptive parents (PAPs), adoptive families and adult adoptees.They aim to aid, assist and support prospective and post adoptive families in WA through information sharing, education and community, government and sector engagement.



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