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NSW Adoption Agencies

Major Agencies

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NSW Department of Family and Community Services

NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) is responsible for facilitating local and inter country adoptions in NSW, and offers information and support services for all parties to local and inter country adoption, past and present.


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Barnardos Australia

Barnardos' Find-a-Family service arranges adoption placements for some children permanently removed from their birth family by the NSW Courts because of abuse and neglect. Children aged from birth to 12 can be referred to Barnardos' Find-a-Family centres by FACS.


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CatholicCare Sydney

CatholicCare Sydney provides adoption services including counselling and support, assessment and education, casework and mediation. They have offices in various locations around Sydney.


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ANGLICARE's Adoption Services offer a range of services for children and for families, including case work and a variety of information services.



Information & Support


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NSW Committee on Adoption and Permanent Care

NSW Committee on Adoption and Permanent Care provides a voice for all parties to adoption, including the practitioners involved in the field. The Committee is a non-profit organisation with membership comprising of government and non-government agencies, support groups and individuals interested in, involved in, or affected by adoption and permanent care or related aspects of Out of Home Care.


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Benevolent Society

Post Adoption Resource Centre (PARC) offers specialised post adoption counselling and support in NSW and the ACT, including help searching for relatives and a mediation service for people making contact and reuniting with family members.


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The Adoptive Parents Association of NSW Inc

The Adoptive Parents Association of NSW Inc (APA) is formed and run by parents who have formed their families through adoption and permanent care (local programs). The APA is committed to supporting families formed through adoption and permanent care and recognise the importance of contact with the child’s birth family.


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Next Step

Next Step provides innovative, strength-based programs that empower young people to take steps towards brighter futures. They aim to improve outcomes for all young people – particularly those who are vulnerable or at risk – through programs designed to both support and empower. Next Step is based on the Central Coast of NSW.


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Australians Caring for Children (ACC)

Australians Caring for Children (ACC) is a non-profit association, who aim to provide aid to orphaned and abandoned children in developing countries to assist with the care of the children and provide for medical care, nutrition and education. They run playgroup for families with children adopted from overseas or locally, and also encourage people who are considering adoption or already in the approval process to attend.



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